Thursday, April 28, 2011

Our New House

Here is where we have been staying, in Spring Hill Campground:

Here is our new home!  We are so excited!

Here is the front door from the inside.  To the right is the formal dining room.

Here is the dining room, which is on the left as your walk in the front door:

From the dining room, we go into the kitchen:

The kitchen:

From the kitchen you can take a left.  First is breakfast area, then on the right is the pantry, a 1/2 bath, and our laundry room:

That is the left side of the house, now lets look at the right.  First are the stairs and then the coat closet:

Now we have the family room.  Some of these pictures were taken before they fixed the floor.  The wood floor was damaged and they couldn't replace it, so they put in tile around the french doors.

Here is the doorway after they fixed it:

Okay, that is the first floor, now let's go upstairs:

On the left is a small sitting area, looking down the hallway, to the right and left are guest bedrooms, the dark doorway you see is the guest bathroom, and the light you see at the end of the hallway is the master bedroom.

Here is the sitting area:

Down the hall to the left and right are the guest bedrooms:

Master Bedroom

Sitting area in master


Master Closet

Master bath


Home sweet home!  Thanks for stopping by!  We will send an email out to everyone with our new address. 


  1. WOW Kelly, I'm so excited for you!
    Are you in your house yet?
    Looks great...I didn't hear you say 'craft room' anywhere!

  2. Kelly, what a beautiful home! I agree with Gail - where is your scrap room???

  3. Oh my! Just like a storybook house! I hope you will be settled in soon and then you can go on to your next goal of the year. You are doing very well with meeting all of those goals from your book you made. Good for you!

    By the way, if you had to live in a 5th wheel, at least it had all of those slide-outs. I'm sure it still got small, but now your house will just be that much better to live in!

  4. Beautiful home, Kelly. I'm so happy for you and do hope you enjoy--sure you will!
    What a great idea to put the tile in at the French doors! It looks wonderful. Love your MB closet, too!
    Hmmmm, where will the craft room be?

  5. Absolutely Beautiful home :-) It was great meeting you at the Fiskateers Crop on Saturday, had a great time! I was looking through your blog and love all your creations, you are so talented!

    -Samantha :-)

  6. Fine house, Kelly! It’s huge! Your family must be big. A house is a smart investment. It helps to secure our future. It’s been years since you moved. How is this house now? Do you still live here? I hope that everything is fine and you’re still having a great stay in your home. Have a good day!

    Drew Andrews